YouTuber Lindsay Ellis

YouTuber Lindsay Ellis

Lindsay Ellis: Lindsay Carole Ellis (born November 24, 1984) is an American media critic, film critic, YouTuber, and author. From 2008 to 2014, Ellis was part of the Channel Awesome production company, under the moniker The Nostalgia Chick, a counterpart to the Nostalgia Critic. In 2014, she ended her affiliation with Channel Awesome to focus more on long-form video essays.

The same week she sent in her application she entered an online contest to be the host and titular star of The Nostalgia Chick, a web-video series—based on the popular digital show The Nostalgia Critic—that would focus on what was described as “nostalgic girl shows and movies.”

YouTuber Lindsay Ellis

At the time, YouTube was just a few years old and only one of several online-video hubs, along with such now-defunct platforms as Revver, Blip, and Google Video. But the Nostalgia Critic videos, in which host Doug Walker comically reexamined films like Mortal Kombat and Space Jam, had already found a devoted online audience. Ellis submitted a video review of herself talking about Pocahontas and won. She made her debut as Nostalgia Chick that fall, sometimes donning a bow tie or lens-free glasses to discuss movies like Hocus Pocus and Spice World.

Those videos gave Ellis a sizable presence in the slowly growing circuit of online, video-focused movie critics. But she struggled to fit into the pre-baked Nostalgia Chick persona. Part of the job was to dissect shows like Rainbow Brite—the kind of series Ellis hadn’t even watched growing up.

Lindsay Ellis Career

Ellis grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee, and received her BA in Film Studies from New York University in 2007 and MFA from USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2011. Along with her friends Elisa Hansen and Antonella “Nella” Inserra, she wrote Awoken, a paranormal romance parody of Twilight featuring a woman falling in love with Cthulhu, under the alias Serra Elinsen. In 2010, she wrote and directed the documentary short film “The A-Word” about women’s experience with abortion. While studying for her MFA, Ellis was selected to host The Nostalgia Chick, a web series based on the Nostalgia Critic; she went on to create over 100 videos as part of the series before leaving in 2014.

On her YouTube channel, Ellis frequently makes videos about Walt Disney Pictures films. Other works include “The Whole Plate”, a long-running series examining the Transformers film series and the work of Michael Bay which has received more than 4 million views, and a three-part series about the production of The Hobbit trilogy and its effect on the New Zealand film industry. Her Loose Canon series explores derivations of literary and film characters over time. Since 2017, her focus on her channel has been on video essays about films. Ellis says she most enjoys thinking about “things that are deeply flawed but have this really interesting potential.” Her videos are created alongside a small team of part-time staff.

In addition to covering film topics, she has also created videos on being a YouTube content creator. Ellis also hosts the It’s Lit! web series for PBS Digital Studios, which explores trends in American literature as a companion piece to The Great American Read on PBS itself.

The three-part documentary The Hobbit Duology (2018), which Ellis wrote and edited with Angelina Meehan, received a nomination for the 2019 Hugo Awards in the Best Related Work category.

Lindsay Ellis Husband

Lindsay Ellis is a married woman, but she has not revealed his name to date. The couple has tied the knot in June 2018. Her close friends: Mikey Neumann, Elisa Hansen, and many more were presented in her marriage.

Lindsay Ellis is making her fiction debut! The Hugo-nominated critic, documentary film-maker, and YouTuber took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce the details of her first novel, an “alternate history first-contact adventure” called Axiom’s End.

Here’s the synopsis:

By the fall of 2007, the scandal over whether the U.S. government has been hiding living aliens has reached a fever pitch, and it is all Cora Sabino can do to avoid the whole mess. The force driving this controversy is Cora’s whistleblower father, and even though she hasn’t spoken to him in years, his celebrity has caught the attention of a furious government. But she neither knows nor cares whether her father’s leaks are a hoax, and wants nothing to do with him—until one of the aliens finds her.

To this creature, codenamed “Ampersand,” Cora, like all humans, is an object and nothing more. Desperate to locate his imprisoned fellows, Ampersand, unique in his ability to understand human language, abducts people with ties to the leaks, pumps them for information, and disposes of them—and Cora is next.

Lindsay Ellis Arrested

Lindsay Ellis Arrested

Lindsay Ellis is just about ready to start shooting a video in her personal studio—aka a tiny second-floor room in Ellis’ western Los Angeles home—and the 34-year-old writer and YouTube essayist is making some final preparations. She gently repositions a couple of pet tortoises resting in a tank nearby, so they won’t noisily thunk their heads against the wall mid-shoot. Then she heads to a shelf stocked with Transformers of varying sizes, colors, and allegiances.

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“Which Starscream should I use?” she asks, scanning her collection. She eventually selects a handful of figures, including miniature-sized versions of Starscream and Windblade that recently appeared on her wedding cake, and carries them back to her desk.

If you’ve seen any of Ellis’ videos on YouTube, where she has more than half a million subscribers, you’re no doubt aware of her love for all things robots-in-disguise-related. A Transformer sometimes appears in the background as she narrates one of her thoughtful, deeply researched film-criticism essays, which have included such entries as “The Ideology of the First Order” and “The Death of the Hollywood Movie Musical.”

And for the past two years, she’s been slowly rolling out The Whole Plate, a series that deconstructs the ear-drum-splitting mayhem of the Transformers franchise through various academic lenses: Feminism. Marxism. Auteur theory. (There’s even an entry titled “Queering Michael Bay.”) Together, Ellis’ Whole Plate videos have earned nearly 4 million views on YouTube—a remarkable tally, considering that some of the platform’s most popular film-criticism genres appear to be “Dudes Still Yelling ’Bout Porgs” or “I Just Noticed Wes Anderson’s Fonts, and I Have Some Thoughts (Part 1 of 18).”

Ellis’ deftly edited essays are in a genre all their own. She rarely focuses on the big-name new releases of the moment. And she doesn’t care much for what she calls “thing-bad” videos, in which someone piles on the bile toward a beloved film. Instead, she approaches movies, even the ones she doesn’t especially love, with a combination of scholarly rigor, film-history acumen, and reliable wryness.

Watching her clips is like taking a Screen Aesthetics 101 class with a cool professor, and then hanging out at the campus coffee shop afterward, listening in as she riffs about, say, the significance of a giant robot peeing on John Turturro. Or the complicated blandness of Disney’s Pocahontas. Or the stilted rebelliousness of 2005’s Rent adaptation. “The things I think most about,” Ellis says, “are things that are deeply flawed but have this really interesting potential.”

The video Ellis is finishing up on this winter morning finds her digging into both the 2005 remake of War of the Worlds and 1996’s alien-invasion smash Independence Day (a movie Ellis describes as “dumb as a bag of rocks” yet nonetheless loves). Her home-studio setup consists of a single digital camera, some minimal lighting and sound equipment, and a boxy, iPhone-controlled teleprompter.

Once they’re ready to go, Ellis puts on her glasses, bats her shoulder-length black hair away from her eyes, and digs into the movies’ greater cultural contexts. The finished product, which will easily earn a half-million views, is likely the only YouTube clip to ever jam together discussion of “textual metaphors” with footage from Mac and Me.

Who is Lindsay Ellis husband?

Lindsay Ellis is a married woman, but she has not revealed his name to date. The couple has tied the knot in June 2018. Her close friends: Mikey Neumann, Elisa Hansen, and many more were presented in her marriage.

How old is Lindsay Ellis?

34 years (24 November 1984)

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